Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Is Healthy Living?

Living a healthy lifestyle revolves around everything that one does in life, that is eating right, exercise, sleep, daily activities, family life, friends, work, and so on...

Eating your veges or five servings of fruits a day alone is no guarantee of a long healthy life, and exercising is no guarantee either that it will keep you fit for life. If you live a stressful life, that could give you some health problems later in life.

If you're a non-smoker, just remember that your health can be affected by others around, who smoke. Coming from a family with certain medical conditions can can have an effect on your health in later years, but it should not stop anyone from living a healthy lifestyle.

So there is so much more that is involved in living a healthy way of life.

Life Begins At Conception

Healthy living starts from the day you are conceived in your mother's womb. Your structure depends on the genes you receive from each of your parents, and what your mother eats can also determine your growth. How your mother lives her lifestyle can also have an impact on you as an unborn child.

And at the day of your birth, the love and care your mother gives you during those first few moments of birth is very critical as well. If a child is neglected at birth, it will grow up with psychological problems. So during and after birth, both your parents (or your sole parent/carer) are responsible for your well-being.

Childhood Years

Your early childhood years are also important too, how they are cared for during these early years will determine their growth during adulthood.

Many studies have been undertaken and found that children should have included in their daily meal intakes, fruits and vegetables, (In poorer countries, this of course is impossible). But we do the best we can to feed our children, and give them the best in life.

Healthy living must be taught during your child's early years, so that they can look after themselves when they get older.

The Adult Years

Our adult years would have been prepared already for us by the way we lived our lives during our early years of life. By now we would have learned much or enough as to what life is all about, and how we can live healthier lives.

We would have learned the importance of eating right, exercising, or doing all things in moderation. We would have learned the importance of getting enough sleep, living a stress free lifestyle - and from now on till our older years, we will continue to live this way of life.

So living a healthy lifestyle involves everything we do in our daily lives.